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Issue 25

The Castle

In the heart of Toronto’s Liberty Village—directly across from the former site of Diamond Park, the long-ago home of the minor league baseball team the Toronto Maple Leafs—sits 135 Liberty Street, a hulking brick building that, along with 41 Fraser, 47 Fraser, 49 Fraser, 53 Fraser and 8 Pardee, constitutes The Castle. Built in 1912, the complex was originally a manufacturing facility for Magic Baking Powder, Royal Yeast cakes and perfumed lye. Acquired by Allied in 2006, the building now houses the producers of something less tangible but equally magical: entertainment. We asked three tenants—Tracy Nesdoly, VP communications at Rakuten Kobo; Nirmala Fleming, manager, employee services at SiriusXM Canada; and Greg Milo, media manager at Insight Productions—for some local intel.



Map illustration with drawings of landmarks, restaurants and parks.


2 people thoroughly engaged in a game of bocce ball on a recent Thursday afternoon at nearby bar The Local.

5 “spirit sculptures” by artist Po Chun Lau installed just outside 135 Libery Street

14 tenants within The Castle and 179,222 square feet between them

1. I HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU “Owner Amy Kwong runs a letterpress studio. She also opened a ramen counter, Quickies, so anytime you have a ramen craving, you can pop in.” —Nirmala

2. MERCI MON AMI “Primarily they do sandwiches, but they always have a daily special: Tuesday is tacos, Wednesday is hamburgers, Thursday is souvlaki.” —Nirmala

3. LOUIE CRAFT COFFEE “Great coffee and an interesting selection of books.” —Greg

4. KOJA “Nice mix of Korean and Japanese food. The avocado bibimbap in a hot stone pot is a solid twist.” —Nirmala

5. METRO “Believe it or not, the LibVill Metro has a terrific Nature’s Signature shop that stocks otherwise hard-to-find herbal remedies. My naturopath recommended it.” —Tracy

6. LOCAL LIBERTY VILLAGE “Solid burger, and I get to show off my bocce skills.” —Greg

7. BIG ROCK BREWERY BEER STORE “This is where I pick up the kind of hoppy beer friends of mine like, for Netflix and chill. Or, actually, just Netflix.” —Tracy

8. CAFFINO RISTORANTE “I like that it’s tucked away in a little labyrinth of studios and old factories.” —Tracy

9. LIBERTY VILLAGE ROTISSERIE “Love my gyro with French fries in it!” —Greg

10. BRODFLOUR “Delicious coffee, bread and surprisingly great pizza.” —Greg


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