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“We build and operate commercial real estate to save the global environment, not to destroy it.
We build and operate to foster human wellness, not to undermine it.
We build and operate to promote diversity, not to impose uniformity.
We build and operate to facilitate creativity, not to encourage conformity.
We build and operate as city builders, which in a way embraces everything else.”


ENVIRONMENTAL: Our impact on the natural world at both corporate and property levels.

SOCIAL: Our relationship with key stakeholders, including users, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate.

GOVERNANCE: Our internal policies, programs and processes that support the management of our business and the execution of ESG-related activities.

Highlighting Allied’s ESG Achievements

Allied is committed to the ongoing evolution of our ESG program and performance. Working with team members and external partners, we continue to achieve our goals and set new ambitions for the future.

Outperformed 2024 Targets

In 2022, we continued to exceed our 2024 reduction targets for Energy Use Intensity (EUI), Greenhouse Gas Intensity (GHGI) and Water Use Intensity (WUI).

Continued to Improve GRESB Scores

In 2023, we achieved a score of 85/100 for our standing investments and a score of 87/100 for developments, representing continuous improvement overall.

Developed an Internal Price of Carbon

Established Allied’s shadow price of carbon to support financial analysis and decision-making for all our new investments, developments and retrofit opportunities by assigning a monetary value to every tonne of carbon emitted.

Recognized as a Canadian “Best Employer” in 2023

Since 2020, we have engaged Kincentric to conduct a third-party employee engagement survey. We were recognized as a “Best Employer” in 2020, 2021 and 2023.

Co-hosted Indigenous Relations Workshop Series

Allied partnered with ULI Toronto, Shared Path and Westbank to deliver a workshop series for leaders in the industry to advance their understanding of colonization and its impact on Indigenous Peoples, and to start exploring opportunities to collaborate in real estate development.

Outperformed Peers in User Experience Assessment Ratings

In October 2023, we completed our annual third-party User Experience Assessment Survey. Results demonstrated year-over-year progress, with improved ratings in key areas and an overall increase in user satisfaction.

Established 70% Certification Target for Standing Portfolio

Allied will certify an additional 8.1 million square feet to LEED and/or BOMA BEST by 2028, at a cost of $0.09/square foot, increasing its certification percentage from 27% to 70% across the portfolio.



2022 ESG Report

2021 ESG Report

2020 ESG Report

2019 ESG Report



Allied’s Green Financing Framework

Green Financing Framework, Sustainalytics Second-Party Opinion

August 2021 Green Bond Report

August 2021 Green Bond, Sustainalytics Second-Party Opinion

February 2021 Green Bond Report

February 2021 Green Bond, Sustainalytics Second-Party Opinion

Governance framework – declaration of trust, mandates & policies


Declaration of Trust

Trustees’ Mandate

Role and Mandate of the Executive Chair

Role and Mandate of the Lead Trustee

Mandate of the Chief Executive Officer

Governance, Compensation and Nomination Committee Terms of Reference

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

Disclosure Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Whistleblower Policy

Code of Business Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct

Advance Notice Policy

Majority Voting Policy

Accessibility and Customer Service Policy

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