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Management Team

Allied has an experienced and focused management team, led by the following senior executives.

Management Team

Michael Emory - Allied Board of Trustees Member and Management Staff

Michael Emory

Founder and Executive Chair

Cecilia Williams - Allied Management Staff

Cecilia Williams

President and Chief Executive Officer

Nanthini Mahalingam - Allied Management Staff

Nanthini Mahalingam

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Jean-François Burdet - Allied Management Staff

Jean-François Burdet

Senior Vice President, Montréal and Ottawa

David Doull - Allied Management Staff

David Doull

Senior Vice President, People and Brand

Hersha Leung - Allied Management Staff

Hersha Leung

Senior Vice President, Technical Services and Construction

John Lindsay - Allied Management Staff

John Lindsay

Senior Vice President, Development

J.P. Mackay - Allied Management Staff

J.P. Mackay

Senior Vice President, National Operations

Anne Miatello - Allied Management Staff

Anne Miatello

Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Travis Vokey - Allied Management Staff

Travis Vokey

Senior Vice President, Technology and Innovation

Nicolyn Bowen-Smith - Allied Management Staff

Nicolyn Bowen-Smith

Vice President, Portfolio Operations

The Team - Scott_Brasil-730x510-1

Scott Brasil

Vice President, Associate General Counsel

Leslie Chen - Allied Management Staff

Leslie Chen

Vice President and Corporate Controller

Andrew Cooper - Allied Management Staff

Andrew Cooper

Vice President, Finance and Accounting

Jo Flatt - Allied Management Staff

Jo Flatt

Vice President, Corporate Sustainability & Brand

Thileepan Kathir - Allied Management Staff

Thileepan Kathir

Vice President, Property Accounting

Ana Lopes - Allied Management Staff

Ana Lopes

Vice President, Lease Documentation

Assmae Loudyi - Allied Management Staff

Assmae Loudyi

Vice President, Portfolio Operations

Gord Oughton - Allied Management Staff

Gord Oughton

Vice President, Leasing

Portrait of Christopher Thorne, Vice President, Leasing in the lobby of commercial office tower, 1001 Robert-Bourassa

Christopher Thorne

Vice President, Leasing

Christian Madore - Allied Management Staff

Christian Madore

Senior Director, Technical Services

Powell Talverdi - Allied Management Staff

Powell Talverdi

Senior Director, Technical Services and Construction

Tony Tsang - Allied Management Staff

Tony Tsang

National Controller, Property Accounting

The Team - Tony

Tony Tong

Controller, Property Accounting

The Team - Sebio

Sebio Agudo

Director, Special Projects

The Team - headshot-phillip

Phillip Armstrong

Director, Development

The Team - Barbaro_Giulia2

Giulia Barbaro

Director, Lease Documentation

Ian Baskerville - Allied Management Staff

Ian Baskerville

Director, Safety and Security

Payman Berjis - Allied Management Staff

Payman Berjis

Director, Acquisitions

Jayson Gorda - Allied Management Staff

Jayson Gorda

Director, Technical Services

The Team - sean

Sean Keenan

Director, Vancouver

Frédéric Larivière - Allied Management Staff

Frédéric Larivière

Director, Technical Services

The Team - ken

Ken Ma

Director, Vancouver

Aaron Pratt - Allied Management Staff

Aaron Pratt

Director, Portfolio Operations

Andrew Rankin - Allied Management Staff

Andrew Rankin

Director, Leasing

The Team - Mario

Mario Romero

Director, Project Management Office

The Team - Orel-Samson-6

Orel Samson

Director, Construction

Aru Thatparanantha - Allied Management Staff

Aru Thatparanantha

Director, Data Integrity and Lease Administration

The Team - Wingar

Wingar Tsang

Director, Vancouver

Sydney von Vegesack - Allied Management Staff

Sydney von Vegesack

Director, Leasing

The Team - headshot-yvette-wallace-1

Yvette Wallace

Director, Business Applications

Edmund Wong - Allied Management Staff

Edmund Wong

Director, Asset and Environmental Sustainability

Board of Trustees

Matthew Andrade - Allied Board of Trustees member

Matthew Andrade

Kay Brekken - Allied Board of Trustees member

Kay Brekken

Hazel Claxton - Allied Board of Trustees member

Hazel Claxton

Lois Cormack - Allied Board of Trustees member

Lois Cormack

The Team - Michael-R.-Emory-730x510-1

Michael Emory

Toni Rossi - Allied Board of Trustees member

Toni Rossi

Stephen Sender - Allied Board of Trustees member

Stephen Sender

Jennifer Tory - Allied Board of Trustees member

Jennifer Tory

Cecilia Williams - Allied Management Staff

Cecilia Williams

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