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Paint Job

As someone who grew up in a house with “lots of love but not really much money,” UK multi-media artist Stuart Semple has always had to make his own paints. Now, in his materials lab at Culture Hustle, he and his team are making paints to share with other artists and “liberating” rightsprotected hues from “colour criminals” such as Tiffany & Co. with their eponymous trademarked blues.

By Emily Waugh

Photo by Culture Hustle

Paint Job - FeaturedImage_MySpace-821x1024-1
  • Pigment Collection “We collect pigments from all over the world and use them in our research. Our pigment collection is really, really important to us. This is only a fraction of it.”
  • Unicorn “These are objects we’ve painted with different effects and paints to see what they do. I don’t know why, but most of the time we’ll paint a unicorn with whatever we invent.”
  • Platonic Moon by Franz West “I have a lot of other artists’ work in the studio that’s inspiring. My mum got [the Franz West] for me for my birthday when I was, I think, 25. It just sort of reminds me of her.”
  • Experimental Paint Swatches “These are experiments of things we’ve made or that we’re testing. Sometimes I come up with an idea of something that I might need for a work, but we always try to investigate things for other artists as well.”
  • Communal Table “The table is used as a communal thing. Quite often if a new material has been developed, all my assistants will gather round and have a good old play with it and we’ll ask them what they think. Our husky [Luna] lives under there. She helps by boosting morale.”
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