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DIY, Darling

Ryley O’Byrne is best known for Strathcona Stockings, her line of patterned socks and silk leisurewear that has been gleefully celebrated in fashion magazines from Vogue Italia to Elle UK. But it’s far from O’Byrne’s sole focus; her artistic practice encompasses everything from ceramics and painting to writing and short film. Virtually everything in her Vancouver studio is something she made herself.

By: Sarah Steinberg

Photo by: Andrew Querner

DIY, Darling - studio-with-messy-items-
  • Sewing Machine This is a hand-me-down from a friend’s mom. I have a few different ones—they’re definitely one of my favourite tools.”
  • Back Scratcher “This is a weird little back-scratcher. One side is a shoehorn, and the other side is a tiny little hand; it’s just so delicate and strange.”
  • Ping-Pong Paddle “I was trying to think of fun activities to do with friends last summer. I’d carry my Ping-Pong paddles around in my car. People were down! I found a bunch of outdoor tables in Vancouver.”
  • Piñata (Sort of) “This is a 3-D object. It’s kind of diamond-shaped, and you can fill it with things. I made this to hang up during a party, but it made its way back to the studio.”
  • Silver Tinsel “This was for a sculpture/costume that I made back in 2012 or 2013. The costume was entirely constructed out of this—it looked like a tinsel monster!”
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