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Well Seasoned

After working in some of Toronto’s most notable restaurants and leading veg-forward visions at Rosalinda and Gia, Matthew Ravenscroft now works out of his home kitchen, creating menus for private clients and meals for his family. He calls himself a vegetable chef and is excited about the growing interest in vegetarian cooking. “Even if they’re omnivores, people are seeing the versatility and possibility of plant-focused eating.”

By Maryam Siddiqi

Photos by Ashley Van Der Laan

Well Seasoned - Featured
  • Rancilio Espresso Machine “This was purchased secondhand off Facebook Marketplace as a gift to ourselves for the birth of our child. We wanted to [buy] less coffee out, use fewer [disposable] coffee cups and be able to explore the world of coffee a little bit deeper. I have between two and five espressos a day.”
  • Son Logan’s Framed Painting “If things go the way people are predicting in terms of climate change and what that means for food scarcity and food security, the reality is I probably won’t have to endure a lot of that, but our kids will, and their kids definitely will. That’s what I want to be reminded of every day, and we hang up Logan’s little paintings that are so silly and cute for that very reason.”
  • Oigen 24-Centimetre Cast-Iron Pan “This was a gift from my father, purchased from the first place I ever bought a knife. I wanted to learn how to season it and maintain it and to move away from the non-stick world. It’s something that we can keep for an extremely long time and could eventually hand down to Logan if I take care of it properly.”
  • Cookbook Collection “There isn’t really any parameter for what cookbook enters the collection. It’s more like, ‘Wow, I love this person as a creator, as a chef, and their world.’ To me, their food is a lens into their mind. It’s a reflection of them.”
  • Monstera Plant “It’s a trimming from a much larger plant that I have, called Wanda. This plant is significant because it was the shifting point into [my] really wanting to get inquisitive about nature.”
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