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The Future of Vintage

We spoke to Lauryn Vaughn, the force behind Calgary-based consignment store The Revente, about the reinvention of resale shopping, luxury online experiences and finding empowerment through fashion.

As told to Elizabeth Chorney-Booth

Illustration by Vanessa Mckernan

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The best best advice I’ve ever received

When I was 15 and working in a restaurant, I was told that everyone is replaceable. I was offended at the time, but as I went through school and [progressed in] my career, I learned it was true. This led me to read Linchpin by Seth Godin, which is how I learned how to become that person who is really valuable to an organization and so is irreplaceable.

While working in Paris in fashion, I fell in love with the quality designer goods but didn’t have the bank account to afford those items. When I returned to Calgary, I saw a need in the market for luxury goods at affordable prices that wasn’t being filled, so I started a business in my basement with some supportive partners. Over the next six years, we grew that business into what The Revente is today.

Our aim was to completely redefine the experience of resale shopping, whether that’s in our beautiful Calgary gallery space or online. I knew there was nothing like our shop in Canada. From the beginning, I saw the need to be online as a top priority and wanted to be a leader in that space. We strive to make the online shopping experience on our website the best that it can be. This also really helped us stay ahead of the game when the pandemic hit, as we were able to stay in business.

Calgary is where I was raised and where I’m currently raising my daughter. I have an amazing support network here, including a great group of entrepreneurial women that I lean on. Style and fashion are so important to help women feel empowered; I know they do that for me. Being able to provide quality goods at accessible prices means that more women can afford that special piece that can elevate their look and give them the boost they need.

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