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Balanced Flavours

What’s in a dumpling? No, really, what’s in there? Block asked Ada Mok and Cam Pounder of feasTO—Canada’s first dumpling pop-up food truck and winners of the Food Network’s Food Truck Face Off—to take us through the process of creating their perfectly pretty OG Pork dumpling. The recipe is based on Ada’s mom’s dumplings that she grew up with in Hong Kong. Try it yourself.

Illustration by: Grant Irving


Balanced Flavours - FeaturedImage_Illustration-by-GRANT-IRVING-of-dumpling-and-its-ingredients

Ingredients are apportioned according to the “magical ratio of ones,” says feastTO. That’s 1 pound of pork, 1 cup of all the vegetables, 1 tablespoon of all the aromatics and sauces. Egg is for egg wash.

Yields 40 to 50 dumplings.

Folding instructions

  • Start with a circle wrapper in your hand.
  • Scoop filling into the middle.
  • Brush the edges of the wrapper with egg wash.
  • Fold over and create pleats individually until you’ve run out of room.
  • Aim for eight pleats per dumpling, as “Ada is superstitious and eight is her favourite number.”
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