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Creativity has its place
Issue 25

At Home

BY: Emily Waugh
PHOTO BY: Yusef Frasier

Yusef Frasier is the founder of architectural visualization and multimedia design studio Supergraphiq. These days, all the elements of his creative life come together at his light-drenched desk in the southwest Toronto townhouse he shares with architect Kristy Almond Frasier and their two children. Yusef and daughter Naomie (aged 8) brightened up the shared workspace during this year’s extended school closures with a “wall of happiness”— an ever growing mural of Naomie’s colourful drawings.

1. Selftraits 3-D Printed Family Portrait

“I decided to get this 3-D portrait made of the family for Christmas and used the scans to make 3-D models for a story I’m developing about the kids, called ‘Nomie et Gup’ [seen on the right-hand monitor].”

2. “Marplebot” the Robot

“My daughter made this little robot thing at school and I was like, ‘I’m gonna model this to become a character.’”

3. M-Audio Keystation Mini 32

“3-D design was my hobby, but now it’s my job. So I needed a hobby to distract me from my job.”

4. Blue Portrait

“This was painted by Danny Moss, my brother. It’s an ice cube, but it’s also our past, present and future.”

5. Moleskine Notebook

“I keep this beside my bed at night so when I wake up in the morning and have ideas and notes, I can start doing sketches and drawings related to my story. I always have to know where it is.”

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