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Issue 25

Flying Colours

Arithmetic, Margherita Porra’s design studio, is a mere 10 minutes’ walk from her home near Granville Island in Vancouver. Still, Porra maintains this home office for the two days a week she spends at home with her toddler, fitting in work during naps and after bedtime. She says that despite being busier than ever, having a kid has forced her to slow down.




Desk set up with wall art, decorative pieces and chair in white office space.

1. Black Chair

“I was raised with a lot of Danish mid-century modern stuff. This chair was my mom’s and reminds me of everything I loved about her. She was the free-spirited creative in my life.”

2. Alexander Calder Print

“I found this print discarded and couldn’t believe my eyes. So I treated it like it should be and got it framed. It’s from the Flying Colors 1975 collection.”

3. Two-Necked Vase

“I’m very obsessed with collecting, but I’m also trying not to be a hoarder. I decided I can only collect things that are really hard to find, so I started collecting vintage white two-necked vases.”

4. Palo Santo Wood

“These are from a client of mine, Woodlot [makers of a line of home and skin-care products]. We’ve become friends. These palo santo sticks they sell are pure magic. When you light them, it feels like it clears the air.”

5. Bruno Munari Book

“He’s this eccentric Italian designer who believed that designers must be interdisciplinary. My dad instilled this in me my whole life.”

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