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Issue 25

An Honest Buck

We visited Sean Buckley, founder and CEO of Buck Productions, at his office on Toronto’s The Esplanade to learn about his unique approach to collaboration and the rarefied ranks of the “Buck fam.”



Sean Buckley poses in front of wall full with framed photos and trinkets.

We have eight full-time staff, but we are structured around an outsourcing model. With greater access to technology and media services like Netflix coming into play, I realized that overhead can be vanity and no overhead can be sanity. We are now nimble enough to shoot a low-budget branded-content web series or load up to shoot a $6 million feature film.

Nobody works for me. We work together. There is no job that is greater than any other job because it takes a collective when you’re shaping content. It doesn’t matter what your role is on a particular project. If you’ve worked with us, you’re officially “Buck fam.”

Back when I was a PA many years ago, I was told by a director of photography to fetch him some gum, so I went to the craft services table and the only gum there was Clorets. I handed him the Clorets and he said: “I wanted gum! This is Clorets. Are you saying that I have bad breath?” And then he turned to the crew and announced, “Hey everybody, Sean here thinks I have bad breath!” Six years later, that DOP was in the Buck office interviewing for a job. Your knee-jerk reaction in a scenario like that is “Yeah, as soon as you fetch me some gum!” But that’s not the way I conduct myself, it’s not the way you build teams and it’s not the culture of Buck. So I hired him. And I think because of the circumstances, he stepped up and actually did a great job.

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